Wouldn't Skyrim Make a Good MMO?

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Re: Wouldn't Skyrim Make a Good MMO?

Post by Elabajaba on Sun Apr 14, 2013 2:06 pm


20 minutes of leaked gameplay footage. Didn't watch it all, but the parts i saw looked mediocre at best, with the combat looking even worse then Skyrim's.

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Re: Wouldn't Skyrim Make a Good MMO?

Post by CivBase on Mon Apr 15, 2013 1:28 pm

To answer my original question as posed in the title:

Yes, Skyrim would make a great MMO. Unfortunately, this is WoW. Zenimax has clearly learned nothing from the successes and failures of recent MMOs. Unless they make some huge overhauls before the beta, this will have considerably less going for it than The Old Republic, Defiance, Guild Wars 2, or Tera (all of which are barely scraping by as is).

They must not understand that you can't throw a franchise name on a crappy F2P and expect it to make money. Traditional games get away with this sometimes because the profit comes from the initial sale, but F2Ps actually have to maintain interest so that players will see the smaller marketed content as worthwhile.

Really, I'm not sure who this game is marketed to. Typical ES RPG fans are going to ultimately be left unsatisfied when they compare it to other ES RPGs. Those new to ES RPGs will be scared of the expanded lore from previous games. The casual audience will likely be put off by the time investment. Core gamers have long since been dissatisfied with WoW clones. WoW fans have less reason to switch to ES: Online than they do for any other games. I just don't see who would possibly be interested in this game as it is.

Of course it will be very popular when it first comes out, but I don't see how it could survive for long after.


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