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Post by Kasrkin Seath on Wed May 30, 2012 10:55 pm

Ever get an idea for a game or mod? Ever want to tell someone, but you know the idea is bad? Well, this thread is the place for you! Here at Bad Ideas, we accept any and all bad game/mod ideas you can come up with!

My latest one, recently posted to the ZDoom forum in their 140 page long "idea" thread:

Kasrkin Seath wrote:

Im a pretty big fan of Doom, and a pretty big fan of the Touhou Project. This obviously leads to...

The wad would consist of two different game modes(ignoring competetive multiplayer modes): Single Player and a Cooperative Campaign

Single Player - Would consist of several episodes all about some 'incident', each from the viewpoint of a different Touhou Character. Each episode would not be particularly long as I envision it, only a few levels in length. Each episode would have it's own sort of (fairly short in length) 'slide show' which would tell the story of the character, both at the begining and end of the episode. Levels would all exhibit large amounts of weak enemies, likely plenty of bullet spamming, be fairly linear, and each end with a boss battle. Each episode would end with a final boss level. (For anyone who is familiar with TH 10.5 and 12.3, I am drawing from those for the single player idea.)

Coop - Likely one to four players. Would be able to choose from different characters/classes to fulfill team roles (Ex. Eirin = Medic, Nitori = Technician, so on). Limit would be set so only one of each class could play at a time. I am not entirely sure how things work, but if possible the Coop mode would be in campaign format with several levels. If that isn't possible, Coop would take place on fairly large maps which would be themed around a 'mini' incident. As with single player, an intro and ending sequence would be included, but would be shorter.


The vast majority of Touhou's can move quickly and fly. They also fight using Danmaku and special Spell Cards (for those unfamiliar, basically Danmaku = small spammable low damage spells, Spell Cards = Large, special, big damage -or special effect like time stop- spells.)

*Much of what follows once more draws heavily from 10.5 aand 12.3

To facilitate flying, Danmaku, and a system for damage reduction, each player would have a slowly regenerating mana pool. Flying would use mana, using Danmaku attacks would use mana, and 'blocking'(the damage reduction) would use mana. Depletion of this pool would render blocking ineffective, remove the ability to use danmaku, cause players to fall out of the sky, and other fun things.

I imagine that spell cards could work as inventory items.


Fairies, Yokai, Humans... whatever fits with the level, really. As stated above, most would be hordes of weak bullet spamming monsters. Bosses, however, would be tough and likely be other characters, capable of using spell cards and generally being tough @$#^!$%@

So, as you can see, there is a lot that would need to be done to bring such a wad to completion, and I can guarantee you that I am incapable of finishing such an endeavour (my skills are limited to mapping, basic scripting, and making bad sprites). If anyone else wants to try such I thing I would be willing to help, but I am in no way going to attempt it on my own.


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